Nuclear news,

what is all about? I decided to collect the most important news from all nuclear world in one place. I will do my best to do it at least once in each week.

So, let’s start!

  1. Construction of two new VVER-1000/528 (modify of 320*) reactor has started in Iran. Those two reactors should power up Iranian electric system  of total amount 2100 MWe! As we can read, first reactor should enter to commercial use in 2024 and the second in 2026. [1]
    *Why those reactors were modify? One of the reasons is seismic activity in the region.
  2. China – Saudi Arabia cooperation in HTGRs in Middle Eastern.  Cooperation applies to several aspects:
    – development of supply chain in Saudi Arabia for bulit of HTGRs
    – investments and construction of HTGRs
    – personnel training and regulatory system
    As we can read on WNS:

    Kingdom [of Saudi Arabia] has plans to construct 16 nuclear power reactors over the next 20 years.

Second biggest oil producer in 2016 decided to build so many reactors, impressive, isn’t it?[2]

3. Again China, in Yangjiang NPP unit 4th enters a commercial operation. Fuel was loaded in November, on lately December reactor becomes critical and on 8th January unit 4th was connected to the grid. To 2019 in Yangjiang NPP should be working six reactors, four CPR-1000 and two ACPR-1000. Total instaled power after built of all reactors will be euqal to 6620 MWe. [3]

4. Short movie about new and old Russian Leningrad NPP:

5.  “The current situation at Fukushima Daiichi NPS”, short movie from TEPCO.

6. Molten salt reactors for Indonesia! First nuclear plant in Indonesia and why not MSR? First Indonesian NPP should be operating by 2025, hope they will make it. [6]

7. Have you heard about X-energy company? No? So now you have a great opportunity to it. Their *Xe-100 HTGR become a conceptual design! [7]
*125MWth, pebble-ped, helium cooled reactor

On main picture Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant